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​Neurogel en Marche - USA



- 1994: Dr Stephane Woerly discovered a hydrogel he successfully tested in rats.

- 1997: Dr Woerly successfully registered a NeurogelTM patent.

- 1998: Dr Woerly discussed the requirements for human clinical trials with the Food and Drug Administration, but

determined the requirements were too complicated and too expensive for his revolutionary product.

- 2002: Dr Woerly began working towards human trials with the Association Neurogel en Marche—an association for

paralyzed people and their families; created upon the initiative of Jean-Yves Crenn. Dr Woerly found that the process

in France would also be long and complicated. The lack of money influenced his decision to eventually turn to other


- At that point Neurogel en Marche Association asked Dr Pinet, former head of Dr Woerly’s laboratory team, if he could

produce NeurogelTM.

- 2004: Neurogel en Marche purchased the NeurogelTM patent. Two determined leaders: Jean-Luc Gay and Pierre

Rondio worked relentlessly to create an international community of scientific and medical researchers dedicated to the

development, testing and documenting the benefits of NeurogelTM and other associated therapies.

- June 2005: Dr Eric Pinet demonstrated the ability to manufacture NeurogelTM for use by the international community.

- 2007: Neurogel en Marche contributed to the development of NeurogelTM by providing scientific teams with batches

of NeurogelTM and by sharing knowledge and coordinating between major players. These efforts resulted in a Prague

Summit in October 2009.

- October 2009: The Prague Summit brought together key players to discuss the modalities and requirements of a

human trial. Participants included Pr. Alredo Gorio, Milan, Italy; Pr Antonio Reis, Neurosurgeon, Lisbon, Portugal; Pr

Eva Sykova, Academy of Sciences, Prague, Czech Republic; Pr Decherchi, leader of a pre-clinical trial Marseille,

France; Dr Eric Pinet, manufacturer of NeurogelTM; and representatives of Neurogel en Marche.

- June 2010: NeurogelTM is recognized by AFSSAPS (the French Health Products Safety Agency) and ANSM

(highest health authority in France) confirms credibility of the NeurogelTM project.

- December 2010: Multiple meeting: Elysees Palace, ICM, Garches’ CIC, Poitiers HealthBiopole

- Feb, 2011: Pr. Eva Sykova’s team successfully treated chronic lesions of the spinal cord in rats: in six months, they

regained mobility and sensitivity (motor and sensory functions) in their hind legs. (Confirmed Dr Woerly’s 1990’s


- May 2011: Pr. Decherchi’s pre-clinical study

- Apr/May 13: Pr Decherchi’s pre-clinical study results are published. (Confirmed Dr Woerly’s results of the 1990s and

other’s study results.) This was once seen as the final step to seek authorization for a clinical trial. However, project

delays induced by lack of funding once again meant human clinical trials were deferred until both preclinical and

clinical phases occurred synchronously.

- Aug 2014: Autologous activated fat cells (fat cells taken from the patient) is documented as enabling mice to walk

again, having recovered 80% of their functions. This is recognized as potentially simplifying the clinical trial

authorization process. This activated fat can be combined with Neurogel to improve clinical results.

- July 29, 2015: Gorio Translational Research Strategies for Treatment of Acute Spinal Cord Injuries: Budget: 775,000

Euros ($875,000)

- July 2016: Pr. Gorio isolated a new kind of stem cells from adipose tissue which undergoes a specific biomechanical

treatment called mechanotransduction. This new kind of human adipose stem cells promote restoration of Parkinson

Disease within 5 days of their administration. This is seen as further improving the efficacy of NeurogelTM

- August 2016: Neurogel en Marche is attempting to raise $1,700,000 to conduct skin tests using the activated fat. The

immediate benefit is seen as arresting symptoms associated with bed sores, burns or sclerodermia.

- August 1, 2016: Mrs Michele Zander founded Neurogel en Marche - USA, Inc. ("en Marche" in French means "on

going" or taken as a play on words, means "to walk.") This non-profit aggressively began pursuit of its mission to

promote finding a cure and therapies for chronic spinal cord injury and other neurodegenerative diseases by seeking

funding and directing it to the most promising scientific endeavors. As a result keep hope alive and make dreams come


"...To Hope...To Walk...To Live"

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