Neurogel en Marche - USA

We are a non-profit dedicated to advancing neurogenic research, cures and rehabilitation


Everyday there are new discoveries and Neurogel en Marche - USA is uniquely connected to bring results.  Many talk, but few are able to make a difference for not only the millions injured but their families, children, friends, care-givers--all those hoping for a cure.  Not everybody can take an active part but if we all unite we can make this dream come true.  Let us defer no longer--any donation -- large or small -- will help improve life and joy.

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Partners are those who share an aspect of our mission and agree to link to our web site and we link to theirs.  They may also be organizations for whom we agree to sponsor an event in exchange for media coverage or publicity .


Sponsors are those organizations who provide funding to enable Neurogel en Marche-USA to achieve its mission: promote finding a cure and therapies for chronic spinal cord injury and other neurodegenerative diseases by seeking funding and directing it to the most promising scientific endeavors. As a result keep hope alive and make dreams come true.