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Finances and Timeline

"Funds are key to a cure. Our history has shown that we need support for clinical trials to lower the cost of regulatory agencies; to get a revolutionary gel (NeurogelTM) into the clinics and to the patients.” Jean Luc Gay, President, Association Neurogel en Marche "


One has only to research the history of the NeurogelTM project to understand the character and unwavering will of patients, family members, and researchers. The NeurogelTM project had its origins in 1994—almost 22 years ago when its efficacy was first successfully tested in rats. 10 years later in 2004 Association Neurogel en Marche was created and purchased the patent to this remarkable substance. True Champions, they led, they inspired; they donated resources and endured many setbacks as they fearlessly faced head-on the complexities and at times staggering financial roadblocks to finding a cure for chronic spinal cord injury, and other neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s diseases and skin lesions such as scleroderma and bed sores.

The Association Neurogel en Marche has identified the resource requirements, the process, the key participants and timeline required to achieve success. Following is a summary of the financial resources and timeline required to bring a cure to many in need in the next 12 to 24 months; with some requiring 36 months of rehabilitation.

Exactly how long it will take depends upon individual needs. Remember, although we are alike in our commitment; we are still unique. As a person with a chronic spinal cord injury, I know there are others like me, years having passed since our injury. In my case I can anticipate that following application of the NeurogelTM or another cutting-edge material that it could take up to three years of intense rehabilitation to make my dream come true. For others, a cure will occur relatively quickly. I hope and pray mine will be the latter.

Michele Zander


Neurogel en Marche - USA

"...To Hope...Walk...To Live"

“We are on the verge…of finding sufficient financial support that will really bring us to solution of the problem of regeneration in the injured cord and to the application of this knowledge to the clinical trials.” Pr. Gorio


The total cost for a 10 person clinical trial with activated fat, NeurogelTM or a combination of the two is approximately $3,800,000.


NeM requires approximately $1,800,000 to hire the services of a Clinical Research Organization (CRO), basic research costs to prepare for and conduct the preclinical trial and documentation of results: essentially cover all the costs associated with obtaining a phamaceutical authorization from medical research authorities to conduct a pre-clinical trial based upon those previously accomplished successfully by Dr Stephane Woerly, Pr. Decherchi and Pr. Gorio.

2. CLINICAL PHASE (12 Months)

NeM requires approximately $1,000,000 to take the results from the preclinical phase and initiate the Clinical Phase which involves conducting the human clinical trial for 10 patients. This includes requisite laboratory/toxicology tests, and costs associated with caring for human patients while at the research, medical or residential accommodation

3. REHABILITATION (12-36 Months)

NeM requires approximately $340,000 – $1,000,000 to cover the costs of extensive rehabilitation therapy. These results will also analyzed and documented. Since each patient’s medical situation is unique, following the Clinical Phase they must undergo rehabilitation at one of the NeM approved rehabilitation centers that have been certified to accomplish a rigorous physical therapy methodology designed for the patient to regain use of their bodily function as quickly as possible. The length of time and cost will be affected by many factors to include the commitment and age of the patient, type and age of the injury and how much time each patient can participate in this strenuous regime. Each patient must agree to participate a minimum of 12 months.


Occurs throughout the project phases

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